Alisa Bieniek was born in Lodz- Łódź, Poland. She grew up partly in Poland and partly in the Netherlands. She travelled extensively throughout her childhood between East and West of Europe, which informed her future designs.

After graduation from AMFI in 2004, Alisa moved to London and began working for designers Sophia Kokosalaki, Alexander McQueen and Celine. These led her to further education and completion of MA degree at the London College of Fashion. The Alisa Bieniek collection began in 2011.

Alisa's aesthetic is best described as modern femininity. The use of draping, layering, mixture of soft fabrics and asymmetrical cuts gives clothes sophistication and easy elegance. Her passion for photography and especially first techniques such as chronophotography & photodynamism influence movement and fluidity in her work. Alisa's designs are playful, yet contemporary.

Alisa's clothes are produced in her hometown Łódź (Poland), which is the textile capital of Poland. 19th century saw it developing very rapidly from small town to modern industrial centre.

The growth was possible because of industrial revolution & introduction of steam-powered machines and fuelled by the demand of Russian Empire. Until this day Łódź is a major textile centre with many factories and know-how of its workers.

Thanks to Alisa's close relationship with pattern cutters, dressmakers and seamstresses, the quality of her clothes is very high. Alisa Bieniek is proud to produce her line in Łódź.